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Bhuvan Chowdhary AKA B.CHOWW wanted to start a career into automotive writing and vlogging. This already being an overpopulated niche, something unique was needed to get the ball rolling in terms of producing unique content that would be admired by viewers and followers. B.CHOWW’s inclination was towards documenting automotive culture from around the world without having any restrictions towards a particular country or continent.

To enable this, a plan was devised that would take him across multiple continents, starting from USA and then to Europe where a plan was set to showcase some of the rare and unique side of International car culture.

B.CHOWW documented some of the finest automobiles across continental Europe and was granted admission into the niche car culture, which included being officially on the media list for events like Le Mans Classic, Luftgekuhlt Munich, Porsche Iberica 70th Anniversary Meeting while simultaneously being invited to document some of the rarest car collectors in Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Germany.

Part of his content planning included getting real-life experience of activities that are yearned by petrolheads globally, including learning how to drift in Dubai, experiencing the Nurburgring in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, driving a Formula 3 car in Texas as more.

This initial stream of content brought B.CHOWW global attention and notice of affluent petrolheads across the world who have invited him to their abode for creating even more intricate content. Along with finding unique content, B.CHOWW’s content planning was done such that the ongoing Covid pandemic does not effect his social media effectiveness. For this the plan was to bring forth interesting short content that viewers would appreciate on platforms like Instagram.

Today with the efforts of B.CHOWW and our content planning, his Instagram page has seen an explosive growth, going from a few thousand followers to a now-nearing 20,000 follower base… and growing. Statistically, his journey has seen a staggering growth of +533% in less than 1-year!

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